Inclusivity: preparing the workforce

Thursday 9th May 12:55 - 13:35

The panel will discuss how a new set of evidence-based Industry Guidelines, can help training providers and employers become more inclusive and ensure their training and workplaces are inclusive to disabled people. It will consider the benefits and challenges to adopting the guidelines, the role that everyone can play in enhancing inclusive policy and practices across the sector.

The session will highlight how disabled people working in the sector can help leisure operators address the various barriers that prevent people accessing leisure facilities and provide a leisure environment that is more welcoming and inclusive to all customers and staff alike. The drive for a more diverse and inclusive workforce will also relate to how leisure professionals can support the UK Chief Medical Officers’ physical activity guidelines for disabled adults.


Tara Dillon, Chief Executive at CIMSPA


Hilary Farmiloe, InstructAbilty National Manager at Aspire

Professor Brett Smith, Head of Research School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences at University of Birmingham

Richard Millard, Partnerships Director at Places for People