Creating products and services for older adults

Thursday 9th May 10:55 - 11:35

In the UK we have an ageing population, by 2030 27% of the population will be 65+. With more 65+ adults than 16-24 year olds, if we are to avoid a major social care crisis older adults must be persuaded to be more active. Older adults represent a considerable untapped opportunity for the health and fitness industry. This session will explore their behaviours and habits, and how to engage and support those seeking to be active in older life.

Jon Hulk, Public Affairs and Policy Manager at ukactive

Understanding your audience – what does the data tell us

Utku Toprakseven, Director of Sport Intelligence at 4Global and Datahub

Segmentation work – supporting older adults to be active

Speaker TBC

The challenges of creating successful programmes and initiatives

Chris Lane, Chief Executive at Lanes Health Club