Creating a boutique experience in a big box

Thursday 18th June 14:00 - 14:40

The whole of the leisure industry is shifting quite significantly in terms of what the customer is looking for. Increasingly people don’t want to just come in and run on a treadmill or sit on a bike, they want an experience. This questions the relevance of the big box, against the rise of the boutique.

Smart forward thinking big boxes are offering the best of both worlds – creating their own boutique experiences – through the delivery of their own boutique concepts and brands, and innovative partnerships – making the boutique experience more affordable and accessible for their customers.

This session will explore the benefits of creating boutique experiences for big boxes – from brand elevation, member engagement and retention to USP in a crowded market; what it takes for a boutique in a big box to succeed and well as sharing learnings and pitfalls.


Duncan Jefford, Director of Sport and Leisure Management at Everyone Active