Understanding and applying modern marketing channels to your business

Wednesday 17th June 11:00 - 11:40

Marketing has evolved more in the past two decades than it has in the past two centuries. The pace of change is increasing exponentially and this is especially true of the sports market. From OTT media such as Facebook, Amazon Prime, and Netflix to D2C and OnDemand, there are multiple new digital opportunities to bring your product to your target market.

Sports communities are also choosing new digital channels to interact with huge increases in the adoption of dark social channels such as WhatsApp and FaceBook Messenger.

This session will identify the most important new channels, trends, and opportunities in fitness marketing, demonstrating how the wider sports industry’s greatest innovators are using these trends and opportunities to their advantage and most importantly, we’ll will explain how you can utilise them yourself.


Daniel Macaulay, Founder and CEO at Brandwave Marketing


Andrea Dearden, Marketing Director at David Lloyd

Jak Phillips, Global Content Director at Les Mills International