Making a success of your business: the role of technology

Wednesday 8th May 10:55 - 11:35

Creating a sustainable fitness business requires a combination of technical and business skills – and as technology continues to evolve at pace, alongside growing customer expectations – businesses need to understand the value technology can add in terms of customer experience and new revenue streams. This session provides a step by step guide to the latest approaches to technology - helping to gain and retain customers.

We will share an understanding of customer expectations, engagement strategies which maintain motivation and long term commitment to an active life style; how technology improves customer experience helping members get the best results; how barriers can be overcome to reach new prospects; and why buy in from staff and achieving the right balance between staff and technology is so important.

Guy Griffiths, Managing Director at GG Fit

Business of Activity - day 1 - Making a success of your business: the role of technology

Guy Griffiths describes himself as a Fitness Industry Revolution Consultant. He questions the status quo, helps facilitate change, and spreads the word on member-retention initiatives that work.

Guy’s systems background means he can help people understand complex processes and programmes. He knows what makes people tick, having trained as a life coach.

Guy spends his time defining retention policy and processes, running interaction coaching workshops, configuring member communications, and analysing membership data. A regular speaker at industry events, his book Stick Around has 4.9 stars on Amazon. His goal is to help more people be fitter and healthier by getting them to stick around at your club.

Making technology a success through member and staff engagement

Guy Griffiths, Managing Director at GG Fit