Fitness and franchising

Wednesday 8th May 11:55 - 12:35

The franchising model has enjoyed remarkable growth in many sectors over the last 70 years. The UK’s franchised fitness market is ripe with opportunities in the current health and fitness boom – with a growing number of operators and boutiques turning to the model to achieve ambitious growth. Being part of a franchise provides access to experience, knowledge and advice, systems support and marketing and cost savings from supplier discounts. A franchise allows individuals to invest in a proven business model. This session will explore first hand the opportunities and challenges presented by the franchise model for potential franchisees.


Catriona Berry at The British Franchise Association

Lessons from UK’s largest fitness franchise operator


Stuart Broster, Chief Executive at Anytime Fitness

Neil Randall, Director of Sales and Marketing at Anytime Fitness

Using the franchise model to tap into the personalised ‘boutique’ experience


Max Henderson, Chief Executive at Hotpod Yoga