Expanding the skills set in the fitness industry

Wednesday 17th June 13:00 - 13:40

It's not about six-packs and shiny kit...

With the industry traditionally focussed on 'getting the fit fitter', and training and education centred around the latest exercise methods and equipment, are we missing a huge opportunity to help more people and impact on the health of the nation?

By embedding and emphasising new and wider skillsets into our professional workforce, such as nutrition, lifestyle and behaviour change coaching, we can provide the specific support, knowledge and motivation increasingly recognised as vital to client success.

This will also better prepare trainers and coaches to cater for the inactive population and those that shy away from the typical gym environment, which opens up a wider market for trainers and coaches.

In this session, we will explore these key skills to maximise results with clients.


Paul Swainson, Research and Development Lead at Future Fit


Dan Fallon, Founder at Super You Project