Digital transformation in leisure

Wednesday 17th June 15:00 - 15:40

What does digitalisation mean for your company? What is the impact you’re looking for it to deliver? And what is your strategy?

As the pace of digital transformation and use of technology continues to increase, Fitness and Leisure providers are competing not only with traditional operators but with experiences being formed outside of our industry. The shift to Digital and an expectation from customers to be entirely self-sufficient is here; transacting and interacting in their own time and on their own terms. This challenge creates huge opportunities; with forward thinking operators harnessing data, investing in technology and seeing massive efficiency savings whilst also transforming experiences for their customers. In turn driving revenues and increasing both footfall and outreach to new demographics. In this session we’ll look outside of the sector for inspirations that are now being successfully translated into Fitness and Leisure environments, with key insights into how these strategies have been implemented and the results they’ve delivered.


Claire Rollins, Head of Commercial at Gladstone