Creating an effective digital marketing strategy

Wednesday 8th May 09:55 - 10:35

The right digital marketing strategy can create unique opportunities to spread brand awareness, promote products and services, and build valuable relationships. In order to create the right strategy we must truly understand our target audience - how can we better understand new and existing audiences. What is the role of collaboration in extending you marketing reach and budget – where are influencers and brands winning? And what are the current trends – how can we use this knowledge to build communities and create experiences.

This session will provide practical advice on the latest trends and digital channels; how to approach your digital strategy; and where and how to focus your time – with real life examples.

Dr Jessica Rouse, Head of Strategy at Brandwave Marketing

Business of Activity - day 1 - Creating an effective digital marketing strategy

Brandwave is an award-winning, full-service marketing agency specialising in the sport and fitness markets. With offices in the UK and Germany, the team at Brandwave work with with many of the industry’s leading brands, athletes and associations on their strategic, creative and digital marketing. Brandwave's iconic campaigns can be seen all over the world.

A management consultant and scientist by background, Jessica heads up 'Brandwave Strategic', Brandwave’s strategic marketing department. She supports global brands in developing areas such as brand and communication strategies to achieve their desired future vision for their business.

Steps to buildings an effective digital strategy and how to plug into the latest digital trends

Dr Jessica Rouse, Head of Strategy at Brandwave Marketing