Tackling the root causes of inactivity -Essex Local Delivery Pilot and the Whole System Change model

Thursday 9th May 09:50 - 10:30

It is accepted that previous approaches to tackling stubborn inactivity have had mixed results and not been sustainable - the Essex Local Delivery Pilot plan focuses on doing things differently and challenging the root cause of inactivity. In 2018 Essex undertook extensive research to understand what needs to change to help people live more active lives. Whole System Change underpins the three-year delivery plan and means Essex-wide system partners working collaboratively across health, education, housing, transport and the built environment so people can live and work in places which enable them to be physically active.

As part of the project, Essex is sharing their learning and adding to the knowledge base nationally and internationally, of what gets in the way of being active.

The speakers will share their insights, including how community groups, public and voluntary partners can work together to help build a relevant activity into people's daily living. Exciting new ways Essex is working includes using Asset Based Community Development, the re-alignment to create Active Places and system-wide partnership working, from leadership through to every community, workplace, street, school class and family.


Jason Fergus, Head at Active Essex

Dr William Bird MBE, GP and CEO at Intelligent Health