Co-locating health and physical activity services in leisure centres

Wednesday 8th May 13:05 - 13:45

Sheffield has taken a pioneering approach to the provision of clinical/health services in fitness settings – in a bid promote improved health and wellbeing. Over 80,000 clinical appointments are now taking place per year in these leisure centre settings. By investing in the integration of health and fitness services within the community how can physical activity be used to treat a range of conditions, meet more diverse sport and health needs and tackle health inequalities – is this the future of public health? This session will explore how to successfully ‘co-locate’ services looking at the operational realities the need to provide an adapted range of products and services to support a more diverse range of customers - with first hand experiences from both the health and fitness providers.


Glenn Carlin, NCSEM Operations Manager at National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine

How can shared facilities help to meet the needs of the whole community?


Dr Ollie Hart, GP

The realities of integration of services – how to successfully support a range of customer needs


Dr Steven Mann, Head of Healthy Communities at Places for People Leisure