Using insight to deliver digital strategies that truly engage

Thursday 9th May 13:50 - 14:20

Children and young people represent an important demographic, as well as their own purchasing power they also have increased influence over their parents’ buying decisions – and are the next generation of consumers.

Children’s ecosystems have rapidly evolved in recent years, with the tablet and smartphone becoming the nucleus access point to the kids ecosystem.

To effectively develop products & services and to develop effective marketing and advertising campaigns a far greater understanding of their attitudes, behaviour and consumptions is required.

With this in mind, the speakers will share insights and dynamic market intelligence on the latest trends, and how organisations and brands could adapt to promote increased levels of physical activity and healthy behaviours amongst kids, tweens and teens.

The changing ecosystems of kids, and how digital strategies need to evolve to engage them


Tim Burge, Research and Trends Director at The Insights People