Active foundations: the importance of physical activity for early years

Thursday 9th May 12:50 - 13:30

Physical activity for children can greatly enhance their growth and development – and can also contribute to wider wellbeing, cognitive development, social skills and emotional maturity. Early childhood is a time when children are most willing to try and repeat new activities. This can be helpful in developing lifelong physical skills – and for getting kids active before they have the chance to become inactive. By starting early kids can build on their natural early confidence. Studies have shown that children with higher levels of physical activity in early childhood are more likely to remain active in later life – so how can we help kids in early childhood to be active and build the foundations of a healthy happy life?

Understanding the evidence – the need to get children active before they become inactive

Ali Oliver, Chief Executive at Youth Sport Trust

Creating active foundations in nursery and preschool settings

Speaker TBC

Successful early years programme provider (outside of nursery setting)

Helen Battelley, Company Director at Music + Movement