Creating a tech innovation ecosystem: realising the potential for the sector

Thursday 18th June 13:05 - 13:45

People of all backgrounds and ages have increasingly high expectations of the role digital can and should play to support them to be active. Yet in the UK, research has shown it is easier to order a takeaway than it is to find your local exercise class. That simply shouldn’t be the case in 2020. The number of tech startups who want to help us get more people active is also growing fast, with over 300 now in our sector – yet they can often be talked about as a threat rather than an opportunity. How can the sector best embrace startups and the role that technology has to play in solving real problems for our customers – and ultimately get more people active? This session will explore how the sector can best collaborate to create the right ‘tech innovation ecosystem’ to unlock this potential.


Allison Savich, Strategic Lead -Data & Market Innovation at Sport England


Alex Zurita, Specialist Advisor – Technology for Participation at London Sport