Wattbike Health Assessment Test

Assess your health. Extend your life. Wattbike are introducing the Health Assessment test, accompanied by bespoke training plans, to score and improve the cardiorespiratory health of users to massively extend life expectancy. Easily completed through the Wattbike Hub app, the Health Assessment test provides users with their Cardio-Respiratory Fitness score (CRF). This number lets any Wattbiker know how fit they are, and how their CRF health compares to others of the same age. After the assessment, individuals are given a 12 week training plan which matches their CRF ability, and will improve it over the course of 12 weeks. The research shows that improving your CRF score by 8% will give you an extra year of life expectancy.

Developed in collaboration with Wattbike consultant sport scientist Eddie Fletcher, some of the benefits of the test are firmly established having been already used by Vitality South Africa where more than 100,000 people have gone through the Health Assessment Test on the Wattbike. Nuffield Health have been using Wattbikes since 2015 to carry out health assessments, and another UK health giant will also roll out the Health Assessment test this year after seeing the quality data and improved customer experience Wattbike provides.

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