Vitaeris 320 Portable Hyperbaric Chamber

OxyHealth is the Global leading provider of portable hyperbaric chambers with 15,000 chambers sold. Over 600 Olympic, Premier League, NFL, MLB, NBA, PGA and MMA athletes and their medical/training staff, entrust their livelihood and recovery to OxyHealth as an integral modality in their regular training routine in their effort to reach and maintain Peak Performance for Recuperation, Endurance, Speed and Strength.

OxyHealth chambers are utilised by over 3,400 physicians, rehabilitation and performance specialists who treat hundreds of thousands of patients world-wide. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment has been shown to accelerate the recovery and rehabilitation of tissues and ligament, tendon, joint and muscle injuries, stimulate the recovery after competitive strain, optimising training, resistance and muscular volume, reduce chronic fatigue producing increased blood perfusion to the central nervous system level, act on neurotransmitters and red blood elasticity recovery.

More medical professionals choose OxyHealth chambers for the health, safety and recovery of their patients than any other chamber provider world-wide.

This Product is from OxyHealth Europe

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