Vieve Protein Water

Vieve protein water is a revolutionary new product that makes it easy for active people to top-up on their protein, without the added sugar, calories, mixing/mess or dairy of traditional protein products. Our aim is to disrupt the sports nutrition market with our game-changing new protein drink which is water based, packed with 20g protein, zero sugar, dairy free and superior in taste to anything else on the market.

Vieve is the world’s first high-protein drink to use collagen as its primary protein source. We offer a true alternative to whey & milk based protein powders & RTDs. Key benefits include:

• High protein (20g per bottle)

• Sugar, Fat, Carb, Dairy & Gluten Free

• Low calorie

• Source of EAA & BCAA

Vieve utilizes a collagen peptide formula, easily digested by the body facilitating rapid protein absorption and is also taste neutral allowing for a superior tasting product.

Vieve's flavours are unique including our watermelon flavour - the world’s first watermelon protein drink. We provide an easy and tasty way for consumers to top-up on their protein without the added sugar, fat, dairy or calories. It's the easiest 20g protein ever!

After our first full year of trading in 2018 our range of protein waters are available in about 200 stores across the UK as well as with major national retailers such as Ocado, Amazon and MuscleFoods. The company also exports extensively and is currently available in 12 markets across Europe & Middle East with expansion plans for Australia, US and China.

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