• On our stand we will be promoting UnikBed’s sleep expert services together with our UnikLab® 3D mattress measurement system. We use this clever piece of tech to find out customers personal requirements and individual needs when in need of improving sleep ergonomics and the quality of their sleep.
  • UnikLab® 3D mattress measurement system measures the pressure that your body creates on the mattress and produces pressure charts of your body. Additionally, Unikbed experts evaluate factors influencing customers sleep quality such as sleeping habits, sleeping positions and health conditions.
  • We will also be promoting our individually taylor made spring mattresses and beds together with our ergonomic pillows (please read below). All our products are designed for people who want or need to improve their sleeping posture and physical recovery during the night. The mattresses and beds are designed in Finland by our factory physiotherapists and ergonomists.

Show offers and giveaways

For COPA we’re doing the following special offers:

  • 25% off beds and mattresses (all taylor made products)
  • 50% off ergonomic pillows £79.50 (norm. £159.00)
  • Plus giveaways on our stand and in our social media channels (Instagram and Facebook).

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