Totum Sport

Totum Sport is the most authentic sports performance and hydration solution available to all.

It is the only product of its kind in the world that replaces all 78 minerals and electrolytes lost to dehydration, through a 100% natural solution.

Harvested 30 metres beneath plankton blooms in the ocean – the most mineral-rich areas on on our planet - Totum Sport concentrates on complete cellular health.

A fully hydrated body and mind optimises performance and recovery, something which only Totum Sport guarantees - by focusing on the complex interactions between all 78 minerals and electrolytes.

Totum Sport guarantees complete hydration, reducing cramp, sustaining focus and improving recovery.

A study carried out by University of Alicante showed a 46% reduction in the build of lactic acid in those who used Totum Sport in comparison to a placebo.

No other solution has the science and research to back up their product than Totum Sport.

The ‘Informed Sport’ and ‘Informed Choice’ approved supplement is enjoying a soaring presence across UK Sport, and has been launched in the USA, with China to follow.

Totum Sport is the complete sports performance solution. 100% natural and suitable for everyone.

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