TireFlip 180

The TireFlip 180 is the ingenious functional training brainchild of The Abs Company. It features a half tractor tyre, mounted on a 180-degree rotating pivot, for individual, paired and small group workouts . Tyre training offers a demanding and dynamic experience that taxes both the muscles and aerobic system, regardless of the athlete’s age, gender or ability.

The TireFlip 180 provides all the benefits and variety of tyre training in one safe, space-saving design. For flipping, plyometric jumps, step-ups, push ups and heavy rope training, it is the perfect solution. The TireFlip 180 eliminates all the safety, hygiene and sound issues that have accompanied tyre flipping, and its innovative design has been embraced worldwide. The new step-in frame for 2019 makes for a more natural flipping motion, and there is now an area within the tyre for inventive storage of weight plates.

The standard 180 and heavier 180XL guarantee sufficient challenge for all users. Each allows for the addition of weight plates to provide a broader training range. With a starting resistance of 45 kg, and an additional 15 kg of free weight, the 180 is perfect for beginners. The XL starts at 70 kg and can house an extra 35 kg. The tyres dual anchor points transform it into the perfect group training device for use with the Battle Rope ST®. With savings on space, cost and the mess that outdoor tyres bring, coaches and members alike ‘flip’ for the TireFlip 180.

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