The Sport of Volfsball

Volfsball is a fast and exciting new ball game played by two teams of three players in a three ringed court of 16 metres diameter. Games are for three, three minute sessions with minute breaks. Teams can be of any mix of gender and age. It is a non contact sport.

In the centre ring, a no go area, is a two metre high rotating prism with a vertical basketball hoop on top. The defenders stay in the middle ring and try to stop the attackers in the outer ring from scoring by hitting the prism (one point) or getting the ball through the ring (5 points). The ball can be thrown kicked or headed. Players cannot move with the ball but can swivel and must pass or shoot within 15 seconds. When the defenders intercept the ball or it goes completely out of court they become the attackers and visa versa. Restarts take place from the edge of the court.

The game is based in Crouch End with 28 registered teams. Tournaments take place bi-monthly from April until September. The centre uses a home made fibreglass Prism. There are two offshoots again using homemade Prisms, one in Ealing and one in the Wirral. The game has been successfully trialed in an Ealing school.

We are currently working with Brunel University to design affordable production standard prisms that we plan to be available for use in schools later this year.

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