The Öppen Deadlift Bar

The Öppen Deadlift Bar solves many issues common to trap bars on the market today which are often difficult to load, cumbersome to use and challenging to store. Our unique open design is approachable and the bar is counterbalanced so users can easily move between the upright storage and loading position and the horizontal lifting position.

Manufactured in Sweden from the finest materials with our signature attention to detail, the bar rests on durable rubber feet that protect the platform and raise the sleeve off the ground for easy loading and unloading of discs and bumpers plates.

Eleiko’s patent pending Öppen Deadlift Bar is designed for lifting ease, opening the benefits of deadlifting and other lifting styles to more people. The open design supports a variety of lunges and carries in addition to deadlifts. The rubber feet, which protect platforms and the bar itself, acts as a loading jack to provide ample clearance for unencumbered loading and unloading. The bar can be stored vertically in floor mounted bar holders, alongside regular barbells.

Open design, loading system and grip markings make this bar approachable, easy to use and appropriate for more lifters. The bar allows for a central load and neutral hand position to make it more accessible for more lifters of all ages, fitness levels and abilities.

This Product is from Eleiko

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