The O2 Breathing Chair

Wellness Solutions offer the world’s first and only breathing chair, the O2 Chair! These chairs are the perfect addition to any space or facility and have a wide range of benefits for everyone. Better breathing, for better health with the O2 Chair.

The O2 Chair guides users to breathe more consciously, slowly and deeply, enhancing physical and mental health. Its innovative technology takes users on a guided breathing experience as the chair moves into a zero-gravity position. The unique patented design of the chair supports an optimal inhalation when breathing in, and then reacts and sinks from the body when the user breathes out. This increases the supply of oxygen to the brain and body and allows for better release of CO2.

Benefits of the O2 Chair include; anti-ageing and detoxification, increased memory, higher energy levels, greater balance, heightened creativity, greater focus, lower stress levels and assist in weight loss.

This Product is from Wellness Solutions

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