Millions of people in the UK are living with a life-altering clinical diagnosis - 2.5M with cancer, 7M with cardiovascular disease, 4.5M with diabetes; 13M women are either menopausal or peri-menopausal

The fitness industry generally lacks the ability or will to support these populations – despite overwhelming evidence in support of specialist exercise prescription, and its ability to reduce symptoms, improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, recovery rate, risk of recurrence and survivability.

TenClinical is one of the exceptions, providing specialist, clinically-proven exercise prescription to clients with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and menopause

Programmes are medically proven, based on the latest research

They’re delivered by expert Clinical Trainers within an energising, empowering boutique environment (very different to the clinical feel of an angioplasty or chemotherapy suite)

We provide detailed ongoing feedback to the patient’s clinicians, enabling greater analysis and more accurate management of the patient’s treatment, recovery process and outcome.


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