SYNCA Compact Massage Chair

According to the American Colleges of Physicians and the American Pain Society massage is highly recommended to alleviate chronic pain.

The five recognised immediate health benefits of using a massage chair are:

1. Spine alignment and nerve pressure reduction

2. Muscle relaxation and improved posture

3. Stress relief

4. Improved circulation

5. The stimulation of the body’s secretion of endorphins

For the consumer and corporate wellness worlds, these are significant health and wellness improvements that can be made separately to exercise, which is something many still shy away from.

Designed with these benefits in mind, the Synca massage chair by Matrix is slightly reclined to a position to compliment the body shape. Its innovative features include a professional massage function, delivering a massage on par with a master masseuse. The Intelligent massage hands imitate a professional Massage Therapist’s method of kneading, feeling like real hands with pressure ranging from "Strong" to "Gentle". You can select to massage your whole body or a pinpoint location with an easy-to- use controller and you can choose your favourite massage course setting according to your mood, muscle tension, and level of tiredness.

Winner of the Good Design award, the Synca massage chair does not compromise on design. This compact design matches whatever living or office space you are in. All you need is a little space for the round compact body to bring a little slice of heaven into your space.

Other features include heat therapy, built-in ambient lighting and multiple colour options.

This Product is from Matrix

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