Styku Body Scanner

The Styku 3D body scanner uses revolutionary technology to provide powerful 3D visuals and key health metrics to educate and motivate members at a touch of a button. Clients stand on a rotating platform in form fitting clothing and arms outstretched. Using harmless infrared technology, Styku captures millions of data points in less than a minute in a simple, non-invasive process to reproduce the member’s body in 3D.

Styku 3D body scanning technology gives clients consistently precise readings of their key measurements at the start and throughout their health and fitness journey. In a recent trial with Gold’s Gym, the gyms using Styku saw an increase in PT sales (150%) compared to those not using Styku. The show rate for the initial assessment increased (18%) and the close rate of those that converted to PT increased by 122%. Using Styku creates a hugely marketable opportunity, with rich insights and a great experience for owners and members.

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