We have a dream to narrow the gap between health and fitness. To genuinely bring these two worlds closer; giving fitness professionals the ability to impact a person’s overall wellness. We created Styku, the world’s most powerful and medically accurate, non-invasive body scanner.

With the recent launch of its pioneering Styku Phoenix AI software, Styku is the world’s first 3D body scanner to provide comprehensive body composition analysis accurately aligned with the medically certified DEXA – the gold standard in this field. With a 35-second scan, using only a camera and rotating platform, Styku can consistently and precisely measure fat mass, bone mass, lean mass, visceral fat, and abdominal fat. Until now, 3D body scanners could only estimate fat mass and fat-free mass, so this is ground-breaking.

Styku tracks baseline circumferences of the whole body with its digital tape measure, providing health risk analysis in line with the research from the World Health Organisation, which established that abdominal waist measurement has a direct correlation to obesity and certain life-threatening diseases. Styku aids rehabilitation through features such as its postural assessment tool and we believe Styku can play a key role in supporting the NHS’s preventative agenda and Universal Personalised Care strategy.

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