Speedflex makes a high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout accessible to a much broader audience. The benefits of HIIT are well known, but the problem remains the same, completing a HIIT session usually involves a lot of movements many of us simply can’t complete, or can’t complete without negative repercussions in the form of delayed onset muscle soreness or impact on our joints.

Speedflex eliminates this barrier. With a free motion bar, entirely responsive to the user, Speedflex machines offer a low impact, concentrically focused, full body workout. An athlete can train alongside a pensioner, a fitness fanatic, or somebody returning to exercise after 20 years - and they are all able to get what they need without adjusting any weights or settings.

This unique feature means that as users get fitter or get tired, the machines respond accordingly, so users are always guaranteed a great workout, whatever their level of fitness.

“I think Speedflex is the bees knees of exercise, I am 64 years old and have had Parkinson’s for 15 years, I attend twice a week and feel great afterwards, I am developing muscles where none have ever been.” – Rick.

"I can be as competitive as I like on a good day or take it as easy as I like when I’m tired.. This is a very practical and easy way for those older people like myself, who need to exercise but are intimidated by gyms. It covers all bases, cardio, strength and general wellbeing." - Mary.

This Product is from Speedflex UK & Ireland Ltd

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