S7RONGERⓇ for today’s wellness.

S7RONGERⓇ is the sector’s first distribution company focused only on sourcing product and technological innovations, from new and alternatives markets that are proven to positively impact human performance.

We researched seven international markets to identify our first partners, looking closely at their manufacturing processes and asking operators and consumers directly about real results. It is our commitment to introduce best in class when it comes to high performance. Our goal is to make smarter workouts and improved recovery more accessible for every type of consumer, to fit every modern lifestyle — from the decorated CEO and busy parent to Ironman athlete — for long-term, sustainable improvements in their wellbeing and performance.

S7RONGERⓇ will launch with three product categories. SMAR7 SKIN™, starting with advanced wearable muscle activation to boost your workout (EMS), REJUVENA7ION™, products focused on accelerating the body’s recovery, foremost Cryotherapy and SMAR7 TOOLS™, a range that is reengineering movement and space.

As an industry, if we fail to embrace changes in technology we risk being left behind. So we built a business based off technology, tempered by our experience of what works in a professional fitness environment and what doesn’t. Our focus is on trialling, testing and unleashing the latest technological innovations to the UK to benefit club owners and operators, and ultimately the human performance of their customers.

S7RONGERⓇ . Smart wellness for a high performance life.

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