Physio Business Masterclasses

SPECIAL OFFER: Business Building Masterclass £195 - COPA Discount 50% i.e. £97.50

Are you ready to take your physio business to new heights?

This one-day intensive business building masterclass is led by John Davie, one of the world’s foremost physiotherapy business experts and founder of Physio Business Growth.

Discover at this masterclass business strategies to develop a model that allows you to excel in our changing market.

Learn the skills to re-energize your business and develop the mindset to thrive and drive new profit by:

  • Discovering how to create a culture where excellence is being pursued by every team member
  • Uncovering the skills to supersede patient expectations and create raving fans
  • Using KPI’s to measure productivity, clinical excellence and profitability
  • Performance coaching your team to excellence
  • Learning how to drastically increase value of your business as a desirable, sellable asset with positive exit strategies
  • Increasing staff retention and productivity
  • Learning to use technology to your advantage

Dates: Dublin – May 11th / London – May 18th / Edinburgh – Sept 7th

SPECIAL OFFER: Advanced Masterclass programme £200 per day - COPA Discount 25% i.e. £150 per day

Leadership in Physiotherapy

The biggest component of any successful physiotherapy business lies in its leadership and resultant culture. Most people pay lip service to this and its significance; however, few know how to change it. This course is set to change that. We will cover the characteristics that create:

  • Fast, explosive and sustainable growth
  • High levels of staff satisfaction and staff retention
  • An environment where the pursuit of excellence is common place

More importantly, we’ll go through how to embed leadership and a proactive positive culture into your team with practical steps that produce results.

Have you ever wondered why a great clinician can struggle to create the business traction, while a mediocre clinician can create a business that thrives? The answer lies in the ability to embed a culture, through leadership, that thrives in delivering excellence across all the business boundaries required to succeed as a private practice physiotherapist.

Dates: Dublin – May 12th / London – May 19th

Marketing Skills for Physiotherapy Business Owners

Are you a physiotherapy business owner that happens to market and promote their services or are you a marketing business that happens to be in the physiotherapy profession? These 2 situations sound similar, yet the end-results are significantly different.

To have the business you deserve, you need to have the marketing skills that produce results regardless of the environment you work in. This course will go through the most ethical approach to marketing for physiotherapy business owners. Gain confidence to put programmes in place that produce results and allow you to grow including:

  • Internal Referrals
  • Increasing Average Transactional Value (ATV)
  • External Referrals
  • How to accurately track your marketing effectiveness

If you only rely on your website or word-of-mouth marketing, then you are at risk of becoming extinct as a business owner. Take advantage of this programme and change that forever.

Dates: London – September 1st

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