Original Massage Wax

Songbird Naturals are the creators of the Original Massage Wax. Our range of Waxes and Balms for Massage; Reflexology; Myofascial, Osteopathy; and Physiotherapy provide a precise, controlled grip with no spills or mess, and have been trusted by professionals as the medium of choice for over 30 years.

Through originating in New Zealand, our products are manufactured in Somerset with 100% natural ingredients, and are never tested on animals.

As an ethically minded company since its conception, we are now pioneering a movement into biodegradable packaging for massage products, in the form of our new EcoTubs! These are cardboard pots lined with a layer of cornstarch, that can be recycled or composted when the pot is finished. Come and see us at our stand for these and all our other products with a show discount!

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