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Gerflor is an innovative manufacturer of high-performance vinyl flooring solutions perfect for a vast array of fitness markets. Taraflex® is the most widely specified indoor sports surface in the world and has been installed at every Olympic Games since 1976 providing users with optimum comfort, safety and performance.

Taraflex® consistently delivers industry leading innovation and is widely installed in many sports and leisure facilities for number of fitness-based benefits. Firstly, for protection, the Taraflex® ranges bring immediate protection on impact to all users when falling, diving or sliding on the floor.

Secondly for safety, the Taraflex floorings provide shock absorption which minimises the force of impact on the body and reduces long-term injury risk. This added protection has been obtained thanks to the total re-engineering of the CXP-HD™ foam technology. When the new King building in London’s West End was being conceived it included a gym and fitness facility for the staff. This high-profile company specified 210m2 Gerflor’s Taraflex® Sport M Performance sports flooring to ensure that their staff had the very best sports flooring that could deliver great performance coupled with comfort and stunning looks. Brondie McNamara, Project Manager, King said, “I would always specify Gerflor whenever I can. Their range of products is exactly the high quality and creativity that we demand at King for all our buildings.”

About the product:

Taraflex is a sports floor that aides training by providing shock absorption and impact protection therefore improving your clients experience. Now it can become an integral part of your club’s atmosphere or brand identity by being the canvas for digital imaging. With few limitations, Gerflor can recreate your vision on a floor, bringing conceptual ideas to fruition. Unique technically as a floor, now you can make it truly unique to your facility or brand. Use the floor to calm, energise, motivate or inspire your clients. Most of all make your facility stand out to make your clients want to come back time and time again.

Taraflex offers unrivalled levels of performance. Shock absorption that protects against repeat impact injuries from over use. Impact protection provides comfort, the biggest reason for people not to exercise is discomfort. Particularly important for those returning to exercise from time away through injury or more importantly welcoming those new to exercise for the first time.

Now with improved technical properties the floor stands up to even more demanding use meaning studios that encompass equipment use are no match for the durability of the product. Not just a sports floor, so much more.

People spend a lot of time looking at the floor as well as jumping on it, planking, doubled over when exhausted, floor based exercises. Functional zones can now be truly functional and look the part in any facility.

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