Enhanced standing with the intelligent active standing mat that simulates walking on an undulating mossy forest floor.

The muvmat allows you to stand naturally while keeping you active and relaxed – like on a forest floor. It relieves the whole body, stimulates the sensory system, trains your muscles and keeps you fit.

The muvmat has 2 zones: The Comfort zone made of fatigue-reducing cushioning and the Active zone featuring a 3D structure - rather like that of mountains and valleys, ensuring random activation of reflex zones stimulating the sensory system. It also encourages movement keeping you mentally and physically fit.

The muvmat was primarily designed for the office but it is extremely versatile and suitable for all areas where there is a need for prolonged standing. It is also great as an exercise matt giving an added dimension to core training and floor exercises.

In a nutshell:

Stimulates the sensory system

Relieves foot and back tension

Trains your muscles

Keeps you fit and active

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