With our startup we merge sports with real gamification to create engaging new tools that fix the participation issue of our digital society. Sports are hard to start and keep up, especially for kids, but with our latest product, we make any wall a fun and addictive interactive sports wall, that can be used for anything from fun games with balls to high performance athlete training. We started out in squash where we already revolutionised the usage of squashcourts with a record of 368 played hours per month. With multiBALL we no focus on a much lager market, even installing the systems in schools, hospitals and sports academies. The system can be set up IKEA style, all you need is a wall and a projector. In comparison to other products, multiBALL is completely maintenance free, does not have to be adjusted and is so easy to operate/ use that no introduction is required - just touch the front wall and have fun. This way we enable all sorts of facilities to make society more active while providing a real benefit that generates revenues to grow sports. The system comes with 28 pre-installed games, educational apps and training modules and has no recurring fees. Later this year we will open the sytem to third party developers as well.

multiBALL is now four months old and we started internationally from beginning. Brands like Peugeot, Center Parcs and Decathlon already work with our systems and we just crossed the 10.000 hours played.

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