While today’s fitness clients almost exclusively have deskbound, sedentary lifestyles, - with all the resulting postural issues and compromised movement patterns - the fitness sector focuses too much on the intensity of workouts and not enough on the quality of movement within them.

We think that’s counter-productive

Ten’s Movebetter approach is the exception to the rule.

By Movebetter we mean enabling clients to:

  • Move with more strength and power
  • Move more efficiently and effectively
  • Move with better technique, alignment and control
  • Move more flexibily and fluidly
  • Move without injury, dysfunction or pain

Quality of movement underpins everything we do – from physio and massage to classes and PT’s

While our programmes are effective and results driven, they also focus on posture, technique and form, improving movement patterns, helping clients unlearn bad technique and restore the natural and powerful movement patterns our bodies were designed for

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