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Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training is a proven training method used as a rehabilitation tool since the 1960s. miha bodytec is the leading distributor of EMS equipment, guaranteeing visible and measurable results through safe and effective training.

When the goal is to rehabilitate a joint and increase strength in surrounding muscles, placing a weight on the joint increases stress. EMS works by providing an external stimulus via an EMS machine helping individuals work at increasing intensities, without load. EMS targets hard-to-reach muscles and is scientifically proven to engage up to 98% of muscles compared to the usual 60% that are targeted in conventional rehab. EMS works all muscles progressively without risk, allowing other exercises to be reintegrated over time without re-injuring the joint.

Alex Lewis, quadruple amputee, cites EMS as the key to his recovery, making dramatic strength gains, improving his core stability and posture.

Alex's arm and shoulder muscles collapsed down one side and he had been working with his physio for years to build up the muscles and level his shoulders. Within a few weeks of EMS, he was holding a much stronger position and regaining normal postural alignment. Alex says EMS helps activate and build muscles he hasn't felt since losing his limbs, as he targets the hard to reach, smaller muscle groups, that he couldn't previously activate. He no longer suffers from ongoing back pain as a result of EMS. Studies confirm EMS significantly decreases pain frequency, especially in older adults with chronic lower back pain.

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