MiCore FitPad

MiCore Fitness brings to market a new concept in exercise with the introduction of the FitPad tablet combined with the MiPT personal training app.

Providing expert Personal Training which is highly affordable with the benefit of training anywhere anytime, FitPad & MiPt makes training an immersive and fun experience.

The app provides a full range of PT type routines with quick start options and the ability to create your own plan. Over 80 different exercises are demonstrated by the team of PT’s showing correct form and calories burnt if wearing a Fitbit or Apple Watch type wearable. You fit your phone into the tablet and then link your wearable, phone and FitPad via Bluetooth. The lights fire up at random on the FitPad, for the user to extinguish. The app PT’s take you through the complete workout. From beginner to expert, this new product is a fantastic way to lose weight, stay fit, train and track your fitness.

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