Matrix Glute Trainer

The popularity of glute training continues to grow however; there are limited training options available. People either use large, compound motions like squats and lunges, dangerous machine modifications or hip thrusting whilst balancing bars and weight plates.

In a bid to change this, we leveraged extensive biomechanical research and EMG movement studies to determine several critical points in space and enter them into a 3D model.

We created a floating hip pad that comfortably adjusts to users of all builds and pivots out of the way for easy entry and exit. We added an oversized, angled foot platform with a non-slip surface for stability. We designed a padded ledge for a secure feeling before starting a set. We sculpted ergonomically angled handles for a comfortable grip during the most intense workouts. Before long, these simple yet innovative details and many more combined to create a superior user experience.

To be accessible to training facilities of all kinds, we made our machine plate loaded to 227kg!. We even incorporated dual-sided band hooks into the design – adding elastic resistance options enables athletes to take on explosiveness training with greater movement variety.

In the end, the design and engineering of our new Glute Trainer travelled in a surprisingly straight line from the exercise enthusiast’s need to a complete solution that works for virtually everybody and anybody

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