K-FORCE Plates

K-FORCE devices have been developed to assess easily and retrain, in a funny and motivating way, strength, posture, balance and range of motion and monitor the progress of the different physical capacities.

Dedicated to physical therapy and sport practitioner, the product range is composed of the K-FORCE app and of its 5 measurement devices:

  • K-FORCE Grip - the hand-held dynamometer for grasp strength assessment and rehabilitation.
  • K-FORCE Muscle Controller - the hand-held muscular dynamometer for muscular strength testing.
  • K-FORCE Plates - our forces platforms for balance and posture assessment and rehabilitation.
  • K-FORCE Bubble - our pneumatic dynamometer that can be adapted to any type of cushion so it gives the devices a large possibilities of usability.
  • K-FORCE SENS - our sensor that measures the range of motion.

Pairing with a Tablet or Smartphone through the K-FORCE App, these devices give you the opportunity of saving, posture & balance stability, key force values such as Max Force, Average strength over a given time, customizing the goals to reach for the participant, giving real-time visual and acoustic feedback.

K-FORCE creates PDF reports on which you can monitor quickly the patients progress and highlight the benefits of the physical therapy


15% OFF for a purchase during the two days and then 10% OFF discount 10 days after for visitors coming to the stand.

A Tablet will be offered to those buying a complete silver pack (the five devices: Muscle Controller, plates, Sens, grip, bubble and K-FORCE XL bag)

A K-FORCE XL bag will be offered to those purchasing the K-FORCE economic pack (3 devices: Muscle controller, Plates, grip)

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