JuzoFlex Genu Xtra

The JuzoFlex Genu Xtra is different… it is engineered to provide maximum functionality without compromising on comfort. Designed and manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in Munich, Germany, this Orthopaedic support is packed with features to make your injury recovery as comfortable as possible; moisture wicking fabric and knitting pattern promotes breathability and reduces sweating. Reduced compression boarders stop tourniquet and allow good blood flow through the area. Graduated, medically correct, compression helps reduce oedema (swelling). Vertical stretch zones prevent slipping through knee flexion. Medical grade, high density foam patella ring (not silicon) provides maximum support with minimum weight. 3D Reversed knitting on the back of the knee dramatically reduces material bunching behind the knee. Highly elastic knitting areas reduce irritation to the flexor tendons of the knee. All of these features come together to create one of the most functional, yet comfortable knee supports available on the market.

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