GymAware is the industry leading and gold standard Lineal Positional Transducer for measuring performance , implementing Velocity Based Training and monitoring power. GymAwares engaging interface , multiple real-time leader board's and reports as well as it's built in Video feedback function makes it the only system that delivers accurate , objective and visual data allowing users to monitor all aspects of their performance in the gym. By connecting the GymAware tether to any barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell or even a waist harness athletes are able to get instantaneous data feedback on a whole host of parameters including; Power (Peak and Avr), Velocity (Peak and Avr), Height (cm), Dip (cm), Furthermore GymAware's cloud functionality allows coaches to break this down further for even more in-depth analysis.

Tracking and monitoring velocity and power data allows coaches/athletes to; Periodise training blocks safer and more efficiently, Inform on return to play markers - essential for rehabilitating players, Objectively monitor performance on a day to day bases with the ability to set clear goals and objectives and also enhance engagement and motivation through enhancing competition with the leaderboards. Gymaware is currently being used by some of the top teams around the world including; Arsenal, Man United, Saracens, Wasps, England FA, Wales Rugby Union, New Zealend Rugby and many more..

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