Fatigue, gastrointestinal distress & food intolerance are inherently linked and common amongst elite athletes. Strenuous exercise stimulates the production of heat shock proteins, which directly affect gut barrier integrity and increase intestinal permeability, with the stress hormone cortisol also making the gut more permeable to potential toxins, including food antigens. As a result, partially digested food proteins that would normally remain within the gut, are able to cross into the bloodstream, thus stimulating IgG antibody production to those specific food antigens.

Results of a 2017 longitudinal study, demonstrated that elimination diets based upon IgG mediated food intolerance, lead to significant improvements in gastrointestinal discomfort symptoms and sporting performance.

The Cambridge Nutritional Sciences FoodPrint diagnostic test incorporates state of the art technology utilising an EIA microarray platform, enabling an extensive food panel to be tested using a capillary finger prick collection method and for individual food analysis to be performed in duplicate to ensure test accuracy. The results of this test can help athletes to assess whether there are any foods which they are consuming that may be negatively affecting their performance.

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