FitQuest BIA

FitQuest, powered by MIE medical, measures a person’s physical capacity over eight parameters in just four minutes, offering a wider range of data and feedback to users than other devices available, as well as a more accurate analysis. This unique testing can support operators’ goals by providing greater engagement with members, supporting tailored exercise programming for gym goers and providing greater data insights to support members in tracking and achieving their goals.

FitQuest BIA is fitted with the MIE FitQuest Body Composition Analyser which uses standard bioelectrical impedance analysis techniques to determine body composition. Through small, varying electrical currents, the machines can determine body fat and muscle percentage as well as a user’s hydration levels. In addition to the standard FitQuest score, which measures fitness against average gender and age groups, the new machines will provide a more complete assessment for users with both a fitness and body composition analysis.

Throughout the show the top overall scores and scores for each test will be displayed on the leaderboard, the top scorers for each category and day will be entered into a prize draw with a chance to win a great prize following the show.

Special offers will be available throughout the show for those who place an order at Elevate.

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