Ergonomic Sleep Solution

UnikBed Mattresses are individually customised mattresses and ergonomic solutions for good quality sleep. Before designing and manufacturing our mattresses, UnikBed evaluate factors influencing customers’ sleep quality such as sleeping positions, musculoskeletal health conditions, and individual preferences.

Each customer is assessed with our UnikLab®3D- mattress measurement system and the results are used to design their individual mattress. All mattresses are designed by physiotherapists and ergonomists who have knowledge about human anatomy, physiology and sleep ergonomics in our factory.

Our mattress covers are removable and machine washable at 60 degrees to maintain healthy and hygienic sleep solution.

Mattress Toppers; Air-O-Bed is considerably airier than the standard top mattresses available in the UK market, thanks to its three-dimensional design. The Air-O-Bed 3D material equalises the pressure points on the mattress and thus, improves blood circulation. The high quality and airy material ensures a good night’s sleep and optimum sleeping comfort. The 3D material and the cover are fully washable and fast drying.

Adjustable Bed; Our premium quality adjustable bed is stylish and easy to use. You can adjust the bed to the desired position by using a remote control. Maximise the relaxing effect of your bed with a silently vibrating massage. You can adjust the firmness of your bed with a flexible slat base.

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