Elite Athlete Centre and Hotel

The Elite Athlete Centre and Hotel is the first and only hotel in the UK designed for athletes, incorporating purpose-built accommodation, altitude living and nutritional facilities. Containing 44 twin en-suite rooms, including 20 altitude bedrooms that simulate conditions of up to 5000m, allowing occupants to live and sleep in optimum training environments adopting the “sleep high, train low” approach.

Sleeping at high altitude stimulates the production of red blood cells and hemoglobin. When athletes return to sea level, their bodies have an increased oxygen-carrying capacity which means more oxygen can be delivered to their muscles, resulting in significant performance gains. Whether in preparation for competition, building performance/fitness, or injury recovery, there are multiple benefits for athletes.

‘As an endurance athlete, I use altitude a lot because it boosts red blood cell count which helps oxygen move around the body. We go abroad to get our altitude but when we’re down at sea level I sleep in a tent which disrupts my sleep; its not the most comfortable so an altitude room like this is ideal.’ Jake Wightman, British middle-distance runner

‘Everything there is easy to get around for me as a prosthetic user. The rooms are fully accessible, and I see this place growing from strength to strength. It’s been a real eye opener since I’ve been here, and I think this place is going to change a lot of sports in the area. Micky Yule, Paralympic Powerlifter.

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