According to the NHS, many adults in the UK spend more then 7 hours a day sitting. This increases to 10 hours for older adults and is an unfortunate side effect of our western lifestyle. Whether we work at a computer, drive a car, surf the internet, many of our daily activities are performed in a seated position. Unless we make a conscious, proactive effort to counter the negative effect this has on our muscular skeletal system we are risking a future of immobility and long-term chronic pain. As a solution, eGym has developed eFle-xx, the worlds first digitalised mobility training circuit which combines a smart, cloud-based, connected setup with controlled, targeted muscular stretching. What makes the equipment so effective is its ability to force targeted muscle groups to be contracted whilst in a stretched position. eFle-xx is a unique range of equipment designed to enable users to maximise the effect of any given muscular stretch. It is fully connected and seamlessly integrates into the eGym ONE training solution. The highly effective training method adopted by eFle-xx means that the users feel relief from pain or discomfort immediately. The instand analgesic effect creates a long term user loyalty. eFle-xx, much like the established eGym strength line, offers an effective, time saving training option which is intuitive and, following an initial induction, is easily self-administrating, without the need for regular instructor interventions. Users will benefit from an improvement in life quality due to an increased mobility and less chronic pain.

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