Ecore Performance Flooring

Fitness equipment is a multi-billion dollar industry. Gym goers spend time and money choosing the right shoes, the right yoga mat, the right clothing, and the right cardio equipment. When they get to the gym, isn't it important to find a floor that supports their fitness goals too? Yes.

The Performance family of products offers everything an athletic director or head coach needs to create an ideal training and performance environment for his or her athletes. This includes everything from 4 different types of engineered rubber surfaces to an engineered turf, all of which are designed for speed and agility training.

The Performance Product Collection includes: Motivate - tailored for light strength and conditioning. Rally - tailored for heavy conditioning combines a shock absorbing later which showcases a dynamic force reduction. Beast - for heavy strength training, and Monster: Custom made for extreme strength and conditioning. Speed and Agility Turf is also featured in the Performance collection and features a dense, textured nylon wear layer fusion bonded to a recycled rubber base layer.

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