The Escalate Stairclimber

Introduced to the UK fitness market by Origin Fitness, the Intenza range is the perfect solution for any operator looking to create a premium, forward thinking and eco-friendly cardio zone.

The award winning design of the range doesn’t just look amazing; creating a sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing process is core to Intenza's values. Every step of the process was considered and designed to create the smallest possible carbon footprint, an achievement which is unique within the fitness industry.

With products like the Escalate, the world’s first step height adjustable stair climbing machine, and the stunning Embedded Entertainment Screens, this line of products truly is one you don’t want to miss.

The Escalate Stairclimber:

For over 20 years, climbing exercisers have been regaled as one of the most efficient ways to build lower body strength and enhance cardio respiratory fitness. The benefits are undeniable, but the target demographic has always been limited. Until now. Introducing the Intenza Escalate 550™ Series, the world’s first-ever adjustable-step-height climber.

The Escalate 550™ Series Climber opens up the world of climbing exercise to users at every fitness level. Our revolutionary Smart StepHeight Technology allows users to choose between 20 unique step-height variations. Whether you want to regain joint flexibility post-surgery, ease back into a workout routine, or push yourself to your physical limits, the 550Ce2 lets you fine-tune the intensity of your workout to align with your unique cardiovascular and range-of-motion goals. The adjustable step height feature allows adjustments between 4” and 8”.

In addition to Smart StepHeight the 550e2 features Intenzacast mobile mirroring, allowing users to easily cast their mobile device screen to the cardio console. It also features InCare 2.0, the service tool which automatically alerts the manufacturers service department upon detection of any fault indicators.

Additionally, Intenza Fitness champion the market in eco-friendly fitness equipment; the Escalate 550Ce2 is one of the only Stairclimbing machines in which minimising the carbon footprint is integral to its construction.

From factory to functionality, every aspect is monitored and improved constantly to limit environmental impact, while maintaining a focus on top quality customer service and a premium engaging workout experience for the end user.

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