Cover Ninja

Cover Ninja is an easy to use platform for fitness venues and their instructors that takes care of group exercise class cover.

The Cover Ninja app gives venue operators control over who covers classes in their venue whilst removing all the hard work behind it. When the app identifies that none of the venue’s regular instructors are able to cover a class, a venue can benefit from Cover Ninja’s vast community of qualified, validated fitness instructors. The app has a clever algorithm that chooses the most appropriate instructor for the class based on pre-set criteria and preferences from the venue, ensuring that every instructor chosen for cover has all the correct qualifications, insurance and prerequisites that the venue requires.

Simplifying the cover process, Cover Ninja not only improves the ease of finding and securing cover, but it handles the whole cover process. This includes automatically updating a venue’s management software/online timetable as well as providing key information and contact details to both the venue and the chosen cover instructor, keeping all communications in one place.

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