Circle of care

Ten’s Circle of Care is unique in the boutique sector – and rare anywhere else in fitness

It’s a collaborative, integrated partnership between our Trainers, PT’s, Physios and Massage Therapists.

It puts the client’s needs front and centre, taking in every stage of a client’s physical wellbeing –exercise, prehab, injury management, treatment and rehab –allowing a seamless progression from one stage to another.

(It’s not the way the health/fitness industry model typically works, where fitness professionals work in isolation, collaboration or information sharing is minimal and it’s left to the client manage progress themselves.)

This focus on collaboration offers two fundamental advantages.

First, we’re able to create a genuinely integrated overall health and fitness strategy, and guide clients through it in a continuous progression.

Second: we’re able to continually monitor, evaluate and adapt programmes to maximise effectiveness, whether that’s to help speed recovery from injury, or help clients achieve goals faster.

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